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Rising Star Awardee


Noor Alexandria Abukaram

A woman, age 25 years or younger, who has founded a successful business with promise for the future. 

"I am grateful for the recognition and humbled to be amongst such incredible women entrepreneurs. This award not only celebrates our achievements but also ignites a flame of hope in aspiring entrepreneurs. I am honored to be a part of a movement that is forging the path for equity and access for all entrepreneurs. Thank you to the WEDO Awards and to everyone who has supported my journey this far. Let's continue to rise together."

When you are a runner, you run, a sport that requires only shoes and stamina. Noor Alexandria Abukaram's entrepreneurial spirit was sparked when in 2019 as a 16-year-old she was disqualified for running with her hijab on at an Ohio track meet. After shaking off her embarrassment, she founded Let Noor Run - which fights discrimination and injustices, hindering those from doing what they love. In 2021, Ohio Senate Bill 181 was unanimously passed to end discrimination against religious expression for student-athletes.

As a successful social media influencer and product representative, Noor's reach is international. Her corporate partners include Nike and "Gonna Need Milk". Ms. Aburkaram has been featured in the Washington Post, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, CNN, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN, and is now at Ohio State University pursuing a career in design and sports. She represents the future of women not only in sports but also in standing up for what is right.

Follow Let Noor Run at:

Website –

Instagram – @nooralexandria

Facebook – Noor Alexandria Abukaram

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