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Trailblazer Awardee


Ambrea Mikolajczyk

An innovator, creator and leader, who has broken new ground as a woman entrepreneur. 

"I feel so incredibly honored to receive this inaugural award, to be recognized for the hard work I do in the community restoring forgotten architecture and contributing to many causes in order to move the needle forward in my hometown is something I will always treasure."

Ambrea was working in Corporate America for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world as a sales manager. Something inside of her kept screaming, "There is more." Meanwhile, she and her husband Kevin were purchasing run-down, forgotten about houses and working to make them whole again. Ambrea fell in love with the entire process of managing a budget, schedule, vendors, and materials, partnering with sub-contractors, and organizing a team to bring the properties online.

In 2015 she was renovating a former Tobacco factory in Downtown Toledo's Warehouse District, and people in the community took notice and asked if they could hire ARK to help with the renovations to their homes, businesses, and buildings.

This is when Ambrea realized this was the answer to "there is more,". In 2017 she resigned from her successful career to launch ARK Restoration and Construction.

It is challenging being a woman and navigating in an industry dominated by men. Ambrea has had to prove that she is worthy, knowledgeable, and capable of being in this space. Recently, she was competing to be the chosen developer for the Spitzer Arcade and Nicholas buildings with ARK's partner out of Cincinnati, The Model Group. Selected from a field of eight development teams Ambrea and The Model Group demonstrated skill and capacity and were selected to redevelop these iconic Toledo landmarks, proving Ambrea is a true trailblazer.

Follow ARK Restoration at:

Website –

Instagram – @ark_restoration

Facebook – arkrestore

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