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Legend Awardee


Tina Butts

A woman we celebrate for a lifetime of entrepreneurial achievement, community impact, and support of the success of others. 

"I transform every passion that I have into a business. That's why I love what I do and I hope to inspire you!"

For Tina Butts, providing bail bond services is more than a financial transaction. Tina provides criminal and janitorial bonds, travel checks, and guardianship documents to help ensure that the criminal justice system is fair, equitable, and accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means. Tina founded "Here's your turning point, LLC," an addiction recovery and mental health treatment center to help families in crisis. Her personal, professional, and community experiences led Tine to create "The Movement". When the Covid Pandemic hit our community in March 2020, Tina saw the need to help black and brown people understand the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19.

Thousands received the vaccine through her efforts. In one afternoon, 500 people received the vaccine. Today, The Movement has enlisted the assistance of thousands of volunteers who have registered hundreds of voters and coordinated holiday baskets, bikes, and backpack giveaways. Through all of Tina's companies, she has partnered with Toledo Public Schools, Pathway, Inc., and many other community agencies to provide help and a voice to those in need.

Follow Tina Butts Bail Bonds at:

Instagram – @tinabuttsbailbonds

Facebook – Tina Butts Bail Bonds

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